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20 November 2014 | The Westin Taipei

As investor's confidence in the domestic economy is restored, Taiwan's private equity sector players are anticipating a long-awaited upswing in activity, especially with a more transparent and open regulatory environment to revive growth. Positive signals from the government include the new M&A regulation, which will add on protection of minority shareholders upon its launch. The National Development Fund has also injected billions of cash into local funds in an effort to support industrial innovation.

Despite the new developments, market participants are still concerned about how these policies will actually be implemented. Uncertainties also remain in Taiwan's sustainability in growth, foreign trade policies and its progress of industrial reform. In addition, private equity players face an additional perception challenge as de-listing and buy-out activities are largely criticised by the general public.

This year's AVCJ Taiwan returns with 25+ industry leaders, government officials and corporate executives to discuss these pressing issues with you:

  • How competitive is the Taiwanese market for domestic and global investors? Which are the popular sectors that they can find decent returns, healthcare, bio-tech or TMT?
  • What are the next steps to be implemented to improve the transparency level in the deal approval process?
  • How will Taiwan cope with the requirements of TPP? What are private equity investors' expectations for Taiwan as part of the TPP?
  • As companies increasingly seek expansion, what are the developments in private equity backed M&A transactions locally? What are some of the limitation factors in market?
  • How is Taiwan positioned in LPs' allocation strategies? Will the bullish outlook increase commitments?

Key benefits:
25+ speakers, 9 exclusive sessions, 200+ delegates from 100+ companies, Exclusive LP:GP ratio1:2, 10% delegates from government offices

"AVCJ Taiwan Forum provides a valuable platform for PE industry and professional service providers such as our firm to have in-depth dialog with Taiwan regulators for improvement of regulatory review process."

Jackie S. J. Lin, Partner, TSAR & TSAI LAW FIRM

"I thoroughly enjoyed the event. It's always good to see old friends, meet new ones, and hear the vibs in the market. I look forward to next year!"


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